Applet change administrator process
Wuxi Xiaohecheng Technology Co. , Ltd.
2021-12-15 13:10

Applet in the registration process binding administrator, in the use of the process if you need to change the administrator, in the background of the applet to change the binding, the process is as follows:

1.LOGIN small program background, enter the “Member management-administrator”, click modify

2. Verify the identity of the original administrator

Personal Principal Account: the original administrator scan code to verify identity

Non-personal Principal Account: Fill in the original administrator ID card number, and use the original administrator-bound micro-signal scan code to verify identity

Fill in the new administrator information, complete the binding

Personal Principal Account Number: Administrator Name and identity card number must be consistent with the principal, can not be modified. Interchangeable binding micro signal. Requires the administrator to bind micro-signal bank card and identity with the main body.

Non-personal main account: You can fill in the new administrator’s name, ID card number, mobile phone, and bind the micro-signal.