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Plowing the Internet
Cumulative customer service 3000+
Obtain a copyright registration certificate 15+
The case of having a landing project
Wuxi Xiaohecheng Technology Co. , Ltd. is a technology company dedicated to providing Internet marketing solutions for enterprises. Our business focuses on Internet of things development services, big data management services, internet + services software development companies. We have rich experience in technology, especially for the government, associations, to create operational-level technical implementation plan, is an excellent set of planning and technical implementation as one of the high-tech enterprises.
Wuxi Xiaohecheng Technology Co. , Ltd. , deeply cultivated the field of internet development for many years. As for the ability of project scheme, Xiaohecheng Science and technology and technology fields, hardware, platform structure, software, etc. , strong, there have been nearly 300 landing cases, won nearly 20 software copyright.
Our team has more than 10 years of project experience, in the future will continue to strive to achieve industry-wide, all-stop, all-service vision.
Xiaohe technology, adhere to the “Service every customer”service concept, according to customer personalized needs, provide customized software development solutions, to provide customers with real value services.


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