Internet of things management

Product Solutions

Internet of things (Iot) is another promoter of information industry after computer, Internet and Mobile Communication Network. Xiaohecheng technology is dedicated to Internet of things software development services, we have a professional technical team, for customers 1v1 tailor-made programs for you, to provide one-stop Iot development services, through the Internet of things management platform to establish the Internet of things, help the government, medical treatment, enterprise and so on to solve the intellectualized difficult problem.


Building Smart City is the need to realize the sustainable development of city and the development of information technology, and also the strategic choice to improve China’s comprehensive competitiveness. 

02 Intelligent Medical (HIS) : 

Intelligent Medical Information Network Platform System, so that patients can easily make appointments, enjoy safe, convenient and high-quality medical treatment services, and build a smart ward system.


Smart Store based on face recognition, body analysis, image recognition, big data analysis and other core technologies, real-time capture customer information, re-store people, goods, field, improve overall consumer experience and store efficiency. 

04 intelligent security: 

HIGH-PRECISION ALGORITHM + real-time Early Warning System, can three-dimensional, rich, all-weather, all-round real-time monitoring of the operation, to achieve enterprise/city fine management.

05 intelligent campus: 

Using Internet of things and cloud computing to realize campus intelligent service, break the limitation of space, for the infrastructure facilities in the campus, we can realize intelligent control to set up a variety of scenarios, so as to realize the efficient use of teaching resources. 

06 Smart Agriculture: 

Through the “Internet + cloud data + application market”, using the online-to-offline model, so that farmers farming, breeding farmers more professional, more easily; improve food security, increase production, so that it is more profitable. 


The use of advanced Internet of things sensing technology, cloud computing technology, big data technology, and other technologies to achieve cross-border integration of hardware and software, tourism marketing is easy, business management is fast and simple.

The value of the Internet of things

Remote Management: Equipment Management, fault early warning, remote maintenance

Flexible display: big screen display APP management, wechat management

Big Data Applications: Data Viewing, data analytics, personalized recommendations

Enterprise Income: reduce operating costs, increase accessories sales, improve product competitiveness

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