Big Data Management Services

Big Data Solutions

Through artificial intelligence data intelligent twin engine technology, Xiaohecheng Technology provides integrated big data solutions integrating data integration, data processing, data storage, data analysis, data application and other functions.

1. Fast realization of multi-source data integration, mining new value of data.

 2. Reduce data computing time, improve business efficiency. 

3. To achieve on-line capacity expansion, enhance system stability.

Service advantage


1. MALL SYSTEM: Full Channel efficient management and operation, by live broadcast, distribution, group, limited time purchase and other more than 100 kinds of popular marketing mix power, to achieve rapid cash flow.

 2. ERP: Help Enterprise Management Digital Intelligence upgrade, to achieve the full business process online, software, data, real-time data feedback, enabling managers to make decisions. 

3. CRM: to help enterprises optimize sales process and documentary quality, improve 20%-50% profitability. 

4. Logistics Platform: through intelligent hardware, Internet of things, big data and other intelligent technology and means to enhance the intelligence of the entire logistics system, automation level.

Big Data management features

Xiaohecheng technology for enterprise-level users tailored to provide integrated, self-service data analysis and application services.

1. Rich visual presentation: over 30 visual chart elements that show data relationships for optimal effect. 

2. POWERFUL ALGORITHM ENGINE: the Algorithm Variety, the quantity is rich, supports the data depth mining and the exploration. 

3. Big Data high performance: Big Data Architecture, distributed algorithm, big data small data fast response. 

4. UNIFIED DATA ENTRY: Multiple data sources access, unified data entry, easy to manage. 

5. Data security controllable: Library, table, row, column Level Authority Control System, a variety of authorization mode.

6. Collaboration and sharing: multi-system authorization, engineering management, multi-person collaboration across organizations and departments. 

7.Flexible integration and deployment: BS Architecture, enterprise independent deployment, seamless integration of enterprise information systems. 

8. Component Rapid Expansion: Visual Graphics, Algorithms can be quickly extended to support custom development and integration. 

9. A variety of advanced applications: Integration of R, Python, Scala and other advanced analysis language, support professional analysis applications.

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